High Performance Vehicle Spares


A high performance vehicle is much like a chain. It’s only as strong as its weakest link. You can have the greatest engine and the most amazing fuel injection system but it only takes one poor quality belt or pump to bring the whole lot to a complete standstill. That’s why at Ping Designs we specialize in only the very best vehicle spares for high performance cars.

Our motto is “Don’t compromise”. We believe in putting in the best parts to make sure that the vehicles we work on perform at their peak and keep performing. To be able to do this we have had to put together expertise on two fronts

Firstly we have set up relationships with only the very best vehicle spares suppliers. These are all people that we know personally. We’ve built up a lot of trust and respect for these suppliers and they understand the high level of quality that we expect from them.

In addition to new vehicle spares suppliers we have also built solid relationships with owners of some of the largest junk yards in the country. A lot of the classic cars we work on are tough to source spares for. These junk yards are a great source for second hand automotive parts. We also know that every customer has a budget to work within. Sourcing good quality second hand car parts is a great way to save some money.

We’ve got a fully equipped machine shop in our workshop. Our technicians are experts at taking parts that don’t quite fit and modifying them so that they work perfectly in the cars we work on. If you have a very specialized requirement that isn’t available off the shelf then we will make that car part up for you ourselves. Tell us what it is that you want for your vehicle and we’ll make it happen.