Custom Vehicle Suspension Opportunities

The suspension of your vehicle is crucial to the performance to its performance. It will affect the comfort of your ride as well as its ability to hold the road when going around corners. There are a number of opportunities for improving your suspension. These are the components involved and what you can do with them.

Leaf springs

This is the oldest form of suspension and is still used on many classic cars, trucks and off road vehicles. These are made from spring steel and come on different lengths. When stacked together and attached to the axle they provide cushioning, or a damping action, to the car. These standard old school leaf springs can be replaced by parabolic leaf springs. These have a different thickness along the length of the piece of metal. This design provides the advantage of reduced weight of the vehicles. The also provide a softer ride over the old leaf spring designs. Leaf springs are typically used to locate, or partially locate, the axle. This can sometimes lead to some handling issues if not done properly. Using a Watts link and radius arm can help to eliminate this issue. free fifa 17 coins

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers use a combination of mechanical and hydraulic force to provide suspension to the vehicle. Your coil springs take the majority of the force when the car is moving over bumps in the road but the shock absorbers help eliminate the vibrations in the springs. Some shock absorbers also make use of pneumatic parts where nitrogen in gas tubes also provide damping. Choosing the right shock absorber means taking a number of things into account. The vehicle weight, engine power, road conditions and acceleration requirements all need to be considered. Coilover shock absorbers are common on motorbikes but are rarely used on motor vehicles. Customs coilover shock absorbers can be made for cars where there is a need to significantly reduce the height of the vehicle while still providing good suspension. We have a lot of experience in providing custom shock absorbers as part of our race track tested solutions.

Height Adjustable Suspension

In some applications you may want to be able to change the height of your suspension from within your vehicle. This may be to accommodate different road conditions, riding styles or even just to impress your friends. If you are careful in setting your ride height you can even improve your fuel efficiency. Some of the newer cars, like the Tesla Model S, now come standard with the ability to adjust your ride height. We are able to provide this option to most makes of vehicle on the road today. We have had some customers who wanted to be able to hop their car by means of the suspension and we have been able to provide great custom solutions for this. One way that we provide adjustable suspension is by using air bag systems to replace the shocks and springs. These bags can inflate and deflate to raise and lower the car at will.

Underslung Frames

Another way to lower the ride of the vehicle is to have the frame and engine mounted within the frame rails rather than on top of the frame. This does get a bit tricky and does require some clever adjustments of the suspension system. It’s often worth the effort though because it results in a lower centre of gravity and better road holding in racing conditions. The amount of reduction in height is limited by the height of the axle and the size of the wheels so there are some limitations to consider.

A lot of people wanting to improve the performance of their vehicles immediately think of what they need to do with the engine of the car. The truth is that improving the suspension of your vehicle may have a dramatic improvement in performance without touching the engine at all. If you are planning on spending money on getting more power out of your engine then you absolutely have to budget for the necessary changes to your suspension. If you neglect this part of your car then you won’t get the full benefit of the increase in horse power.