Custom Vehicle Painting And Striping

custom-paint-jobWe love everything about cars. The sound of a V8 revving, the way the leather seats grip you and the excitement you feel when accelerating out of a corner. The thing that really makes our heart race is how awesome cars look.  At Ping Designs we specialize in taking beautiful cars and making them look even more amazing. Our custom paint solutions and striping will thrill and excite any car lover.

The reason we’re so good at this is because our passion for making cars look good has driven us to practice our skills over the last 10 years. Just because someone owns a spray booth doesn’t mean he knows how to spray paint a car properly.

Colour is a very subjective thing and we understand that our customers may have tastes different to ours. What we’ve become very good at is understanding the vision our customers have for the vehicles and then we are able to translate that vision into a reality. We’ve also taken the ideas of our customers and added our edge to them so that they get a truly Ping Designs look and feel.

If you want your car to have one solid colour that has real depth to it then we have the skills and expertise to do this.

Sometimes it’s not the entire car that needs painting. You may just have a small piece of body damage that needs to be matched with the rest of your vehicle. Our paint gurus have an eye for detail and are magicians at mixing up small batches of color matched paint. You won’t be able to tell where the old paint ends and the new paint begins.

Besides custom paint jobs, we also have experience in doing some amzing striping and signage on cars. From simple GT stripes to more elaborate vinyl artwork, we’ve done it all. Come into our workshop and we’ll show you how we’ve combined paint and striping to some of our own vehicles.

Our turnaround time on paint and striping projects is really fast. We don’t cut corners and we don’t rush our jobs but our professional staff get the job done quickly.

We are also a very environmentally conscious company so we only use the best eco-friendly automotive paint. The paint we use is approved for use by automotive companies like Ford, GM, BMW, Chrysler and many others.

We understand the special relationship a person can have with a car. Each of the team at Ping Designs has his own baby back in the garage at home. We get it. You want your car to be look amazing. You want it to stand out in the crowd and to look as amazing as it feels to drive it. We want that too. Come and discuss your ideas with us and we’ll work out a quotation for taking your car from “not bad” to “Wow!”